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The research has improved this process. Due to this research a new technology is accessible to process your gift and loyalty cards.

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Gift & Loyalty Card Systems A New Era in Technology

It is a new era in the world of Gift and Loyalty Card.

  • Many businesses have been affected by the expensive transaction swipe fees and the monthly service fees that come with using these card systems. If you would like to have and also control your database of patron information then this article is for you. If you have been searching for how to be in charge of your card system right from your computer then you should keep reading. All you need to know is right here.

  • Before new technology came on board how was a gift or loyalty card implemented? Merchants who wanted to implement a loyalty card system or execute plastic magstripe gift card had a credit card processor. If they didn’t have, the only available option was to go through a company that had similar credit card based technology.

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How to Use Netflix Cookies : Fix TroubleShooting Issues

Netflix Cookies error is observed in the iPhone; iPad and iPod touch which mean that this error is related to iOS OS devices. Many say that they have an own device but they really don’t know how to use them. There are many situations when such error like Netflix error have been arises in iOS devices. This error is simply caused by the Netflix App itself and rectify the error then enjoy free netflix account using cookies on chrome & firefox!. When you have installed the App and its file have been lost due to any issue then 1006 error. It is clear that Netflix error is clearly related to the device itself and no external content will get this error.

Few times it happens that you have installed the Netflix account earlier and then you haven’t deleted all its data before installing a new one. If the old Netflix app data is been stored in the iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch then you it common to get Netflix error 1006. It is required to have the free surface where you can download the Netflix App to stream the videos. Once if have reported that they got Netflix error 1006 not due to above said App stored data or Application. It is due to the internet connection that is not correctly connected to the device. This scenario is rare but may happen when you haven’t connected correctly to the router.

People feel netflix is costly so they go the the different online streaming applications like showbox, moviebox, cartoon HD, Popcorn. If you receive the message as “There is a problem connecting to Netflix, Please try again later (1006)” then it is sure that above-discussed problems are the only reason for it.

Netflix Cookie: Troubleshooting Method

These are few steps that will remove the Netflix Error 1006 from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch iOS device. So make sure you do them sequel as at any step you issue may be the troubleshooter.

Reboot Device:

First Step is to Reboot your iOS device, which means you should restart your device once.


Router Login & Setup : IP ADDRESS IP address is by-default a gateway to various wireless routers or preferentially ADSL modems also. There are numerous IP main addresses a router can exert, 192.168.l.254 is the most obvious, basic and common one. Though routerlogin.net are also among separate options. These are more often and commonly identified as host addresses.

In a sequence to locate one's own router, the consumer can fill in 192.168.l.254 in their respective browser’s address bar. Once they get an access to their router admin panel they can further customize and modify various options concerning IP QoS, DNS, Proxy, LAN, WAN, PPPoE, MAC, network management, WPS, DSL, security options, WLAN settings, and DHCP client.

As discussed above, 192.168.l.254 IP address initiates the administration panel of wireless routers or ADSL modems. Several Wi-fi firms such as  Asus, D-link, Netgear, TP-link, Cisco, et cetera, establishes a well-formulated software for their wireless devices and gadgets. Any user can comfortably and efficiently operate and modify important network settings by logging inside aforementioned IP Address with relevant username and password.

This IP address can also be used by any user to troubleshoot the router if any kind of connectivity obstacles occur. This is many times encountered and can be easily eradicated by the use of this IP address. Though is the fundamental IP address, there are several other options also available and possible for the users such as-as jiofi.local.html,, et cetera.

Keypunch manually into any of the working or operable browser’s address bar. If 19216811 is not ourselves router’s IP address, then the user must be able to find their router’s IP from various methods available on internet or YouTube.

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This method is cost effective and it not only challenges but also eclipses the standard credit card technology.
This new personal computer based technology is cheaper to own and user friendly so you can operate it by yourself. It has given room to merchants to access and manage their database of patron information on their own computers.
Some of the many benefits include
No more monthly payments
No database management fees
No more transaction swipe fees and other charges connected with the traditional credit card based technologies currently in the market.
This new pc computer based technology isn’t constraining in both function and form as the credit card based technology. With this new technology, some processor owns and manages the main data for the merchant.
From this pc computing based approach, the merchant is not constrained to a group of management reports that he or she (the merchant) goes to generate from a website which usually comes with a price.
In the place of this new pc computing technology, there is a report generator that is usually accessible. It allows the merchant to put together and sort out quite a number of reports just by clicking a few buttons.
The report generator is an essential tool that allows management to monitor the efficiency of the card programs and it also allows for the improvement of the card programs.
It provides an instant and accurate feedback that enables proper and informed management decisions.
The local computer based card systems are not constrained to just loyalty cards and gifts cards. There is no boundary to the card-based applications that can be imprinted into software for this.
There is a whole suite of card based features that is accessible. This allows merchants market their businesses in a better way to their clients without all the credit card overhead.
Examples of these features include patron refund cards, employee discount cards, promotional cards, courtesy comp cards and reloadable cash cards.
With the help of a local pc based system a merchant can expand the use of these popular money-making cards to other applications or functions other than gift and loyalty.
One of such functions is using the card as a promotional card.
The merchant already has a record of patron names, addresses and any other important information on their computer and not on any credit card processor’s central server in some other place.
This will make the merchant to easily give out or hand out cards to the customers who are coming into their store so they can swipe their cards to find out if the cards won anything.
This way the customers will be willing to come back since they know that coming to your store to get their card swipe is a form of mystery card promotion.
If I am a customer and I know that I can win anything from $4 to about $100 or if I can get a discount off some of the goods I buy I will go back. There is nothing that draws people back like freebies.
It is a good way to keep your customers loyal. It is also useful when you want to get your old customers back. It can be used to draw potential customers and keep them by simply sending out a mailing list that can be bought at a reasonable and inexpensive price.

In Conclusion

While you are evaluating or monitoring pc based card systems, you should work with goals for the future. As your business expands, the database of customers who have cards will also increase.
You will need a commercial strength software product that has a database structure that can efficiently manage a huge amount of data. Merchants usually have serious challenges after some years with their database.
If you have more than one store in different places with different franchise owners or managers, you should select a pc based card system that can connect stores together.
This means your customers or patrons can buy a gift card, loyalty card, promotional card or cash card at a place and use it at another location. You will need high speed internet for this function.


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It is important if the prices are reasonably inexpensive and if it isn’t too much, a mailer with a fixed card and a bar code or magstripe and the receiver’s name and address can be mailed for as low as $.30 or as high as $.60 each with postage fees.
You would agree that it is a reasonable and an inexpensive amount to pay in order to draw customers to your store that will spend a whole lot more than $1.

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